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Why I Hate Being An Employee - GetValueInc
Biashara & Ujasilimia Mali

Why I Hate Being An Employee

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Dec 24, 2019
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Everybody has social anxiety, but most are good at hiding it. When you get rid of yours and build real social confidence, you'll become a beacon to others. Get this guide now and magnetize your life.


Social anxiety sucks. Just thinking about it causes anxiety. It's like an invisible force field keeping you stuck inside a too small comfort zone.

It's worse than a force field. It seeps into your brain and makes you imagine the worst possible outcome. The more intelligent you are the worse it feels.

Intelligence Increases Social Anxiety

Because you're intelligent, this makes it much worse. Because you know from a rational, logical standpoint, there is no reason to feel any fear. After all, you're not getting ready to wrestle a bear.

What The Heck Is Going On?

Once upon a time, you were a socially confident, curious extrovert. The world was filled with excitement, and your brain was hungry for information. Data. You were desperate for input, and you did everything you can to fill your brain with raw material.

Before Two Years Old

Before you were two, every adult around you was encouraging you to get up, walk and talk. Every time you did something closer to that goal, you got massive positive social rewards. But then something happened.

After Two Years Old

But after two they flipped the script. Sure, you were cute for a while, running around and blabbering like crazy. But pretty soon, they'd had enough. Pretty soon, every time you expressed your desire for attention and more data, you got the opposite response.

Outgoing Behavior = Danger

This is what was drilled into your head over and over and over again. Hundreds, probably thousands of times. That is why you feel a deep sense of dread whenever you even consider doing something socially outgoing.

Brain Equations Everywhere

This brain equation keeps you from expressing your true self. Your natural self. Your intelligent self. Your humorous self. Your loving self. Your loyal self. Every time you think about interacting with people you do not know this brain equation is triggered. 

Boring Reprogramming

The good news is this won't require doing anything outside of your comfort zone. To detach that brain equation, we just need to go looking through your brain for any examples of the opposite structure. They are there. There are hundreds of them. Thousands.

Find And Reprogram

This guide will show you how to slowly and deliberately sort through your brain, find the positive brain equations and gradually overwrite your old programming. This will take time. This is not magic. But it is absolutely safe.

Stay Inside Your Own Brain

You can do the whole process inside your comfort zone. Inside your brain, inside your home. You will only engage socially when it feels safe, easy and natural. Not before. This is not one of those guides where you suck it up and keep putting yourself in terrifying situations. Those do not work.

Gradual Process

The first phase is slowly finding the memories that already exist. The positive ones that will slowly disprove that horrid brain equation. 

Then you'll use them as a base to slowly build in positive feelings. Then you'll gradually strengthen those positive memories, just like a muscle.

Re-Calibrate Confirmation Bias

After enough training, your confirmation bias will shift. To find evidence of safety and comfort in normal, every day social situations. You will never do anything outside your comfort zone. You will slowly expand your comfort zone from the inside out.

Become A Top Tier Human

Expanding your social confidence and social skills is the most important ingredient in creating a frame of leadership and power. Get this guide now and leave fear behind.

Follow Your Dreams Passionately

Without social fear any future seems possible. With enough social confidence, any future is likely. Get this guide now and follow your passions.

Become A Social Magnet

Everybody has social anxiety, but most are good at hiding it. When you get rid of yours and build real social confidence, you'll become a beacon to others. Get this guide now and magnetize your life.